Face Reality

by Hard Luck

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released February 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Hard Luck Brunswick, Germany

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Track Name: Pressure
Everyday's pressure
It's just too much
Obey and conform
Or get ripped off

They want to tell you
What's wrong or right
Think for yourself
And start to fight

It's in yourself
Deep down yourself
Go free yourself
From their lies

Society's pressure
It's just too much
Can't take this no longer
It fucks me up
Track Name: Peace & Hypocrisy
Rotting in prisons
In torture chambers
They live in fear
And constant danger

You in your safe home
Your praying for peace
But is it the right way
To set them free?!

No violence
That's what they say
No violence
Shall we only pray?
No violence
I hope they're right
No violence
Sometimes it's justified

War is atrocious
No dissent
But we have to
Bring this to an end
Track Name: Face Reality
Your gestures - they speak for you
Being pityful - is what you do
Say no more - you're feeling low
Like always - your daily flow

Leave me alone with any of your shit - I don't wanna know
You're just a tiny fucking kid - You've got no back
I see through you and all your - pretentious shit
Don't talk to me - The struggle with your life, it's no big deal

I've got
On my own
On my own
On my own
On my own

Stay away with your problems - I don't wanna know
Can't relate to your problems - they're not real

They're not real!

I can't safe you
Go act for yourself
Track Name: Step Back
Step back - get off
Out of control
No way for me
Senseless violence

Hit them left and right
Everytime you start a fight
No one by your side
Your violence is unjustified

Fist over words
Use your brain for once
Just impulsive actions
Will never get you anything
Track Name: Nihilist
Dressed in black
Like a nihilist
But you're no more than a plain fascist
'Depise Humanity' - the shit you say
No one needs you
Just go away!

Back in rage
Filled with hate
Your fascist shit
We won't tolerate
Track Name: Conformist Rebel
Betrayed and be lied to
Freedom of speech - it's gone for you
Think you speak the oppressed truth
But you gonna get the boot

Conformist Rebel

Do you really think you speak the oppressed truth?!
I tell you that you gonna get the boot!